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Frequently asked questions

New to Softylicious and have some questions for us? We thought you might! To help you out, we’ve pulled together a list of frequently asked questions.


Softylicious  Gluten Free Protein pancakes, contains nuts.Softylicious practices good manufacturing processes in order to prevent cross-contamination of allergens.

Our Protein Pancakes is Manufactured in a Delicated Gluten – Free Facility.

Yes, we only use gluten free oats in our gluten free products.


Absolutely not! Our products contain no artificial flavors. All our ingredients are clearly marked on our labels.

Here at Softylicious , we believe in using better-for-you, simple ingredients and we do not use artificial flavors, colors or preservatives in any of our products. Like many food companies, we do use natural flavors in some of our products.

Natural flavors are made from ingredients that are found in nature such as fruits, vegetables, spices, and grains that are roasted, heated, or subjected to other common food processing that will enhance the development of the desired flavor.


All of Softylicious products  contain egg.

Protein Pancakes Banana, Protein Pancakes Pumpkin, Protein Pancakes Carrot,

Softylicious is always adding new products, so please visit our product page for the most up to date information including product ingredient and nutrition statements

Please refer to the “Best By” date on Softylicious product packaging.

We recognize that GMOs are an important issue for many of our customers and we work closely with the Non-GMO Project, which has the only uniform, industry-wide standard and verification program, to verify our non-GMO product status.

Please use our store locator to find the stores near you that carry Softylicious.